The UK Book Tour: Thursday 22nd, 6pm – Waterstones Liverpool One. Friday 23rd, 12pm – Waterstones Birmingham High Street Friday 23rd, 6pm – Waterstones Manchester Arndale Saturday 24th,…
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  • Neil McNeil says:

    How about this: You, me, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick, Kristen Wiig, Lorde,
    Meryl Streep form a new version of S Club 7. The S stands for “Subscribe”. ?

  • Jessi Sanfilippo says:

    “If this doesn’t say, ‘Fuck you, young twats…'” is probably the single
    greatest red carpet fashion review one-liner in the history of red carpet
    fashion review one-liners. ?

  • Naasir Void says:

    is it just me or is graces hair always PERFECT? ?????

  • Lauren Gabrielle says:

    Scale of 0 to 5 Goose Faces ?

  • Coby Gannaway says:

    Grace was the purtiest woman there.?

  • Fairly Interested says:

    When you had the group of 5 members I for sure thought you were going to
    say the Spice Girls. On that note, you should rate your videos on the 5
    members of the spice girls. Spice girls.?

  • CrankThatFrank says:


  • FarFromFilm says:

    That beginning was fabulous! 😉 I love your videos so much Grace! We need
    to collab someday! <3?

  • Lacey Cahill says:

    Keira Knightly looks like she stole the curtains out of a baby’s nursery. ?

  • Basma Jalloul says:

    the majority of comments in this videos

    X says “blah blah great nice blah blah”
    Y says “I love your videos X <3"

    is everyone a youtuber now or this is a new advertising scheme??

  • MrNotThatFamous says:

    3:37 personally felt this looked like an altered bed sheet.?

  • stereotypefangirl says:

    Dude, Benedict Cumberbatch. How does one not know who he is?!?! He’s kinda
    blowing up the internet. I mean, Sherlock, Smaug and Sauron in the Hobbit
    Movies, The Imitation Game, the new Star Trek movies…. Or maybe it’s just
    the part of the internet that I’m on…. ?

  • Grace Helbig says:
  • Mike VS Mike says:


  • Nick Reichwein says:

    I guess rating this with a number of puke buckets would be a legit thing to
    move forward with? +Grace Helbig ?

  • Cookie_dough_addict says:

    Someone who watches life unexpected please help me.Doesn’t she look like
    Cate Cassidy?!Or am I insane?

  • FineCharlotte says:

    anyone else who couldn’t stop wondering about the giraffe’s ass??

  • starlinguk says:

    Tangent: I’m trying to figure out how you are going to get from Birmingham
    to Manchester on time, Grace, unless you’ve got a private helicopter
    standing by or your signing in Birmingham is really short!?

  • lern jergie says:

    I was hoping you would say fifth harmony lol?

  • xLing93 says:

    ‘.. You did buy out the B-sections of the Micheals’..
    LOOOOOL. genius. ?

  • Travis Peter says:

    I live for your award show fashion reviews. I literally wait to have an
    opinion about it until you have made this video. ?

  • HeyYouCristina says:

    How can you not know who Benedict Cumberbatch is??? He is GOD!!!?

  • TheNeveFringe says:

    You should rate via Grace faces!?

  • Alyssa Flores says:

    I want grace and Amy Poehler to be best friends and I want them to act
    together and I want to see them interact BECAUSE THEYRE MY TWO OF MY MOST

  • VampirateYuki says:

    that nape of a giraffe’s neck looks more like a giraffe’s butt.?

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